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Posted in Uncategorized by petercombe on August 19, 2008


The best tea on earth

The best tea on earth

Sadly my favorite tea has been discontinued.  After an exhaustive search in San Francisco and the internet, I discovered the UK food conglomerate has discontinued the Earl Grey version of their Ridgways organically grown tea. I’ve never been a fan of Earl Grey, but there is something about this particular brand that set it apart. I remember times during the past decade where one of the few shops that sold the stuff in Vancouver might be sold out and i’d make panicked calls to see where i could locate a box. Once there was only one box located in a shop across the bridge from where i lived, i had the sales associate swear that he’d hold onto the box for me until i got there (sweating profusely) to make the purchase.

Anyway after numerous email exchanges across the pond with some very helpful people at Typhoo i was informed that this product has been discontinued. I went so far as to explain to them which brand i may move on to, I’m sure they thought i was a sorry case. I may have to get a friend in Vancouver to send a shipment down here.  I came with 7 boxes, we have 2 left. I think i’ve been here just over a month.


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