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Vichy se Desaparece

Posted in elixir, gastronomy by petercombe on August 24, 2008

Vichy Catalan is a mineral water that i drink whenever I’m in Barcelona. It’s super salty and I love it. Click VICHY CATALAN to read about it’s attributes.

Imagine my delight when shopping at Brian’s Grocer in Laurel heights (a 10 minute walk from here) and happening upon it in the beverage isle. There perched on the upper shelf were two bottles of the elixir, beneath it was an advertisement reducing the usual price to a mere $1.99 a bottle. The thought –perhaps the Vichy Catalan was being reduced so as to clear away the remaining bottles and discontinue selling the water- shuddered through the very core of my being. I didn’t dwell on the thought, suppressed it as best I could, purchased a bottle, got home and luxuriated in a nice tall glass with visions of a scorching day in Barcelona swirling about my head.

I was in the Laurel Heights neighbourhood last night and dropped in at Brian’s Grocery to pick up a few things then remembered to catch whether or not Vichy Catalan was still on offer. None to be seen. I inquired and was asked in return if i was referring to the spanish water. With forlorn hope i answered – yes. My query was met with an unbearable – no, the distributor was not pleased with the product’s slow movement and discontinued it. Another sad day in San Francisco.


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