a tale of a few cities

“Please Hold Anne”

Posted in transit by petercombe on August 30, 2008

I hop on a MUNI bus (pronounced ˈmyoōnē’ as in ‘puny’, i got laughed at for saying moonie) about once or twice a day to get around town. An awesome deal – $1.50 for 90 minutes any direction. 90 minutes however is rarely the case due to the largess of most drivers. I got on the other day at around 3pm and found my transfer was good until 10pm that evening. That would never happen in Vancouver. 

After handing over my change, transfer in hand, the bus leaves the curb, I make my way to a seat as, ‘please hold anne’, drifts from the loudspeakers. 

Californian for, ‘please hold on’.


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