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A Trifle Modern

Posted in Uncategorized by petercombe on September 16, 2008

Yesterday I had to make a deposit, a miniscule cheque. I made my way to Wells Fargo – the bank with the stage coach logo makes me think of Gunsmoke and Kitty’s Saloon. It was my first deposit at a US bank via an ATM, truly a high-tech experience. Arriving at the bank I approached the machine and could not find the deposit envelopes, I did however see what looked like a hatch that may open and grant me one after touching the deposit icon. I entered my pass code and and touched the ‘deposit checks’ symbol, suddenly the deposit feeder was agape and purring and a prompt appeared on screen to insert the cheque, yet no hatch appeared to open with a ready supply of envelopes. It was odd since i’d not yet entered the cheque information. Did i miss something? I risked deposited the cheque anyway figuring that the machine would prompt me to enter the amount after it had consumed the deposit. Panic – i’d forgotten the actual monetary amount to enter. With the whirr of cogs and wheels turning, and my cheque quickly disappearing – I was dumbfounded as to what to do. Suddenly another prompt appeared on the touch screen – would i like a regular printed receipt or a receipt with a scan of the actual cheque. I clicked the latter and out popped the record of my deposit amount – $37.93. 


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