a tale of a few cities

everywhere but the kitchen sink

Posted in Art by petercombe on September 16, 2008

I awoke this morning to what could have been an art installation at a major contemporary art museum. The dogs are always anxious to be let outside and wait for either Joe or myself to let them out to relieve themselves. This morning was no exception. I got out of bed, opened the bedroom door and was met with the excited duo. Frisky and jovial as always they hopped and pranced full of glee and led the way down the hall, turned left to the kitchen. There what lay before me perfectly spaced and mathematically composed, was a mine field, a plethora of dog shit. Great runny blobs of the stuff. It was so surreal and otherworldly that the only thing i could do was stare in shock and do my best to comprehend the magnitude of the display. I’d heard of people whose initial response when faced with catastrophe, is to laugh hysterically – i’ve never understood the laughter response to disaster – yet this morning all i could do was try to hold back the most enormous guffaw. I Ping-Ponged between chortling and internalized fits of dread. That the dogs skipped merrily through the dung and bobbed up and down with anticipation at the kitchen door for me to let them out, made things all the more illusory. My first response was to get the camera and take a picture – i immediately thought better of it – certain that this was not something that Joe would like documented. Photographic evidence of this morning’s presentation was perhaps a little too sensationalistic. Instead I went back to the bedroom, mentioned to Joe that he should lay in a little longer and told him that once he did get up, there was a surprise of epic proportions awaiting him in the kitchen. It took us a good 45 minutes of cleaning, something akin to minesweeping.


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