a tale of a few cities

An Emotional Experience

Posted in obamarama by petercombe on November 4, 2008

Well I never thought that I’d ever take a photo of an American flag – excuse the quality, computer’s down so the picture’s taken with my iPhone. I went to the polling station early this morning with Joe and what an emotional experience it was. It is clearly African Americans’ day. I got a bit chocked up standing on the sidelines waiting for Joe to complete his ballot, and what a ballot it is – nothing like our simple Canadian ballots that usually include a referendum or two. The US ballot includes a whole lot of propositions – federal, state wide and municipal, all worded in a way that your average voter – never mind one with ADD or worse yet xlecdycslia may be challenged to desipher. I saw a black women pass her son a Democrat card with the party’s positions on all of the propositions – she gave me a huge beaming smile as she left the station reminding her son to return the card to her when he finished. Joe was done in about 20 minutes. As Joe continued on to work with his ‘I Voted’ sticker afixed to his lapel, I stopped in at Peet’s Coffee abuzz with patrons keeping their fingers crossed for the election results.


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