a tale of a few cities

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Charles de Gaulle…

Posted in paris by petercombe on November 10, 2008


We left Rome on November 1st and were due to change planes at Charles de Gaulle en-route to San Francisco on Air France. It was a very early flight – we had to catch a taxi from Rome to the airport. It was pouring rain and about 4:45 am – dashing from beneath the hotel awning to the cab was a distance of 3 ft at max. We got absolutely drenched in the process and sat soaking wet the whole journey to Fiumicino Airport.

It was a relatively short flight and I was able to nod off intermittently, at one interval i had the most incredible lucid dream – Joe and I were standing in a leafy area of Paris.

We arrive at Charles de Gaulle, rush to the gate and realize we’ve missed our connection. Air France gave us our complimentary toiletry bags and put us up in a rather dreary hotel full of disgruntled passengers whose connections were also missed. We ventured into Paris that evening and luxuriated in the city of lights. A perfect conclusion to a wonderful holiday and certainly a birthday to remember.


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