a tale of a few cities


Posted in aperol, elixir by petercombe on November 10, 2008


I discovered the delights of the aperitif – Aperol – while visiting Naples this past October. Joe and i sat for a break in the beautiful but faded glory of the Galleria Umberto I, in the centre of Naples. There nestled in the grand old arcade was a tiny cafe where we sat and observed a table of half a dozen or so northern Italian looking sorts with drinks of an orange colour as intense as Campari’s magenta. I had to find out what the group were drinking and order one myself. The waiter informed us that they were Aperol and Prosecco and that it was a wonderful drink – we ordered one for each of us and that is where the love affair with Aperol began.  As I type this I have a glass of the blissful orange intensity before me. For those of you who like Campari, a milder Aperol, Prosecco and a splash of San Pellegrino otherwise called an Aperol Spritz will surely indulge the tastebuds.

I shall never forget the time I discovered this gem of a libation, just as i shall never forget my discovery of Campari years ago on a trip to Italy. I’ll save that tale for a future post.

Cin Cin


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