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Cake Topper

Posted in 10/16/2008, San Francisco by petercombe on November 15, 2008




For weeks leading up to the date I scoured the city of San Francisco looking for a small horse that I’d planned to transform into a miniature Moooi Horse Lamp and have placed on top of the cake. It was to be a surprise for Joe on the day. I came across many horses, some charging, most looking rather fierce and none of which appropriate. The night before the wedding – visiting friend, John from Vancouver, returned from a day out in San Francisco with a small paper bag, inside was a tiny fawn colored colt. Once Joe retired for the evening John and I set about transforming the little horse into a miniature replica of the iconic lamp. No black paint to be found except for some porcelain paint I’d discovered stashed away. It did however need to be heated once applied – that’s where a hair dryer came in handy. While John busied himself with that chore, I set about twisting caps of toiletry products etc., to find the perfect shade – after a whole medicine cabinet’s worth of products were tested I came across the closest resemblance. It was all a mad dash to complete the task at hand with Joe upstairs wondering what the hive of activity was.

The plan was that John would go to Citizen Cake* before us and have the cake topper in place.

It all worked as planned and Joe was pleasantly surprised. The Moooi horse lamp played a significant role in Joe’s and my meeting. We both have differences of opinion regarding interiors and design – Joe (the doctor) being a traditionalist and me (the artist) somewhat more eclectic  John saved the day and it brought back memories of our creative juices at play in the motion picture industry back home where problem solving and impossible time constraints demand innovation..

* On that particular day in October, Citizen Cake was full of elderly folk and what seemed to be many ‘Ladies Who Lunch‘, most of whom kept visiting our small party of eight to congratulate Joe and I. It was a wonderful introduction for this Vancouverite to the city of San Francisco of which I now call home.


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  1. jo riley said, on November 15, 2008 at 8:12 pm

    I love it! The cake topper is just beautiful; You and John are art stars baby!

    Joe must have been just thrilled!
    I would have been. You are so thoughtful Peter. P.S. I hope your birthday is very happy darling!

  2. stylembe said, on November 15, 2008 at 8:53 pm

    thanks jo. sunday came early for you. p.s. no worries though – my birthday was spent by chance in paris.

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