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5-in-1 Sofa Bed

Posted in really pushing it design by petercombe on November 22, 2008

I’ve been creating a filing system in the kitchen as Joe receives a huge amount of mail. I’m tired of it piling up on the kitchen counters. The deal now is – if mail is on the counter for more than 24 hrs, it gets filed and/or ditched, depending on importance.

Brylane Home is a catalog that was amongst a huge pile of stuff, the initial pile, the virgin pile, the pile that launched the new filing system. Flipping through Brylane Home I came across the  following product, and in doing so was close to tears. I had to post it. It brought to mind an earlier posting; This is Regency. In fact I found it so hilarious I had to creat a new category; ‘really pushing it design’.



5-in-1 Sofa Bed™ – the quick and easy solution to overflow crowds and overnight guests. Patented air-chamber technology quickly inflates into a comfortable 3-seater sofa. Flip over to create a lounger with arms, flip again for an armless recliner. Release the patented valve to create a queen size bed; fold in half for a high-rise children’s sleeper. Now even a snug studio apartment can accommodate overnight guests. Rugged, heavy-gauge PVA supports up to 600 lbs. Includes electric pump, 3-pc. nozzle set, repair kit and travel bag. Inflates into a 6″Hx60″Wx80″L queen-size bed. UL Listed.



Who designs this stuff, and worst of all, who styles and photographs the product and who does the product copy writing?  Do they get drunk the night before, during or after the photo shoot? Does the photographer and/or model include the photos in their proffessional portfolio? You gotta wonder. Click the link below to read some product reviews.

Read 28 ‘5-in-1’ Reviews



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