a tale of a few cities

Pimm’s Anyone?

Posted in elixir by petercombe on July 6, 2009


Pimm’s & lemonade has become a favorite here – it is a drink Joe had never heard of, yet now favors it to almost anything else.  The proper way to serve it is equal parts Pimm’s No1 Cup, 7-Up (the Brits call it lemonade), Ginger Ale over ice. Through in a slice of cucumber, lemon, apple and a mint leaf. Really refreshing.

I remember that while working as a barman in London’s Financial District at a French Brasserie in the early 80’s we’d get inundated with money traders and journalists at noon during the summer months – my co-worker (his grandfather used to print american dollar bills in Cyprus) and myself would go out into the crowd with 3 jugs of Pimm’s in each hand and sell them and keep half the cash. London was a rather expensive place to live on our wages so we had to get creative. My co-worker was a terrible influence, yet well seasoned.

Anyway try the super refresher.



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