a tale of a few cities

I’m such a philistine

Posted in San Francisco, serious television by petercombe on July 17, 2009

house used for Full House

This house on Broderick Street is about 7 houses away from us – we live on Bush Street.  I often pass it on the way home from doing errands and many times notice people (families mostly), eyes glazed zombie-like milling about the front and posing for pictures.  It was only yesterday that I asked if there were some significance to the house, and since I lived a few houses down – I thought I should know.  A girl in yesterday’s cluster looked utterly shocked, what planet was I from?  She was horrified that she had to come all the way from Pennsylvania to see it and here I was, a local, completely oblivious to the fact that 1709 Broderick was the house that appeared in the opening credits of the television series, ‘Full House’!


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