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Remembrance of Things Past

Posted in Art by petercombe on September 27, 2009

The following blurb on Mark Jenkins’ installations reminds me of a phase I went through in high school. I started with my nearly getting decapitated while riding my bicycle home, my brother and his buddies had strewn a length of fishing line across the road and pulled it taught just as I was passing. Maybe that’s why I can’t touch my Adam’s apple to this day.

About a week later I noticed a purse lying on the road, went to pick it up and just as i did – the bag jumped up before me. Another prank, fishing line was attached to the purse and the remaining line was strewn over a telegraph wire and yanked upon as I approached.

These pranks inspired me. I started making fake bags of groceries and leaving them on the side of the road, no strings attached and just waited, hidden, for passers-by to happen upon the stuff. This lead to creating  fake people, clothed, stuffed with newspaper and topped off with wigs. I’d place one on the street near my home with a lone bag of fake groceries and waited with friends in a nearby bush to watch those that stumbled upon the scene. This later lead to throwing fake bodies from tall buildings. The last incarnation was a fellow called ‘Harvey Hangaround’, I was on the students council in High School and decided that a good marketing excercise was to hag a stuffed body from the Student Council’s office on the 2nd floor that overlooked the smokers’ courtyard at school. He hung from the window ledge – a note taped to his back read, ‘BUY YOUR STUDENT CARD!’

Which brings me to the following, a posting culled from AnimalNewYorkCity Blog;


‘After the bomb squad was called in on his PETA bear statue, police continue taking an interest in the life-like sculptures of Mark Jenkins. According to the Winston-Salem Journal, police attempted to rescue a female figure laying on top a billboard, only to climb up and discover it was just a mannequin, part of “Sleepers,” the street artist’s outdoor exhibition sponsored by the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art. In hopes that Jenkins’ installations might last longer than 20 minutes, the museum promised to warn police before dumping any more bodies in public.’


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  1. Marina DelVecchio said, on April 30, 2010 at 4:38 am

    You have established a great and unique theme for your blogs. Very entertaining voice and childhood prank experiences.

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