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Posted in Art by petercombe on October 2, 2009

I love this guy, Marc-Antoine Léval>, and put him right up there with CARTRAIN>, the 17 year old artist from the UK, for sheer artistic wit and self promotional chutzpah.


“The Immaterial Art Emperor” has struck again. After his New York banner plea, “Please, New Museum, Show My Work,” Marc-Antoine Léval has dropped his latest illicit work at the Tate Modern to coincide with the opening of the “Pop Life, Art in a Material World” exhibition. With this new piece, the French artist continues asking for the same thing all of his creative peers hope for themselves: billionaire art collector “François Pinault to buy his work, museums to show his work, and gallerists to sell his work.” Is that too much to ask?


Silkscreen posters commemorating these events are available on his website>

Silkscreen posters “Please, François Pinault, Buy my work.”
70 * 100 cm 
Limited edition. 100 prints.


Silkscreen posters “Please, New Museum, Show my work.”
70 * 100 cm 
Limited edition. 20 prints.


All photos Marc-Antoine Léval>

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