a tale of a few cities

Somerset House, Esqiure Singular Suit

Posted in Art by petercombe on October 2, 2009



UK Esquire Magazine invited 18 fashion designers and tailors to collaborate with artists of their choice to develope a one-off suit representing their skills and artistic vision for the ‘Esqiure Singular Suit Exhibition’ at Somerset House, London,UK. Donatella Versace chose James Clar, a light artist who practices art and dign in Dubai. the inspiration for the piece was cinema’s iconic gentleman spy – film characters such as Thomas Crowne, The Saint and James Bond have continually dodged bullets and dangerous situations, all the while dressed in classic tailored suits. The result is a piece that pushes film fantasy into visceral reality. An elegant man stands in a burst of giant beams of light, each measuring approximately 1.5 metres long. the more than 3 metre tall sculpture is a re-interperatation of a still frame at an explosive moment.



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