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The Unilever Series: Miroslaw Balka

Posted in Art by petercombe on October 13, 2009


Beyond the bridge in Tate Modern‘s Turbine Hall stands a huge steel chamber, raised above the floor on steel legs. You can wander among the supports. This is unnerving. Your walk is curtailed by the underside of a ramp that leads into the open end of Miroslaw Balka‘s How It Is, the 10th Unilever Turbine Hall commission. The interior appears as a black, open void, facing the end wall of the Turbine Hall and swallowing the light. At first, you can’t see into the depths. Even perspective seems distorted; there’s no discernible vanishing point. If the walls close in, so the dark seems to open out, both unfolding and enveloping. You wrestle for a sense of volume, and end up feeling the walls for guidance. They are lined, unexpectedly, with felt.

The snippet above is from the Guardian.co.uk. you must click the link below to the amazing video of the installation.

Click to watch Video via The Guardian UK>


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