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Tour de Force at SFMOMA

Posted in Art, San Francisco by petercombe on October 26, 2009
Candice Breitz, Mother (composite), 2005; six-channel video installation with sound


Yesterday’s visit to SFMoMA was particularly rewarding. The Museum seemed much larger this time, perhaps it was because all of the galleries were open. The above video ‘Mother’ by Candice Breitz was incredible. For this video piece, Breitz edited film performances by Faye Dunaway, Diane Keaton, Shirley MacLaine, Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, and Meryl Streep to create a revealing composite of the Hollywood cliché of the difficult mother. The video attached presents the work in a different format than was experienced yesterday. At the SFMoMA Breitz’s video monitors were arranged in a single slightly concave row. Nor is it the full length version, the clip above stops rather abruptly, before Shirley McLaine and Fay Dunaway’s performance comes into full stride.
A powerful achievement that must have employed months of editing. Really quite intense and enjoyable stuff. Go to Candice Breitz, click on ‘work’, then ‘video’ to watch the the full length video in a better resolution and sound.
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