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Fashion and the Art of Contortion

Posted in Altered Ads, cut & paste, fashion, flora and fauna, Photography, Photomontage, trawling the net, WTF? by petercombe on February 19, 2010


When are overly zealous art directors going to stop giving the OK to having their models chopped up in advertisements?



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  1. Mars said, on March 2, 2010 at 5:04 am

    Our history is full of examples where fashion and fashion accessories have purported unrealistic and often unnatural clothing & styles; for example, heels called ‘Chopines’ that reached up to 30 inches high or corsets. Fast forward to today, many go under the knife to alter their appearances with the help of plastic surgeons.

    However, if instances of subtle body distortion in the media is to be considered, I suppose that can indicate a shift in how people perceive perfection. There is always a chance of subliminal messages being sent out–I wonder what purpose is being served by altering photographs as such–without clearly pointing it out? Is it Art?

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