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Birgir Snæbjörn Birgisson

Posted in Art by petercombe on February 22, 2010



Birgir Snæbjörn Birgisson,
From the series: Humility, oil on porcelain, photographs, 2008.
Collaboration with the photographer Vigfús Birgisson
(series of found porcelain figurines, painted and photographed)
Is blonde a color or a state of being? Perhaps blonde-ness is a lack of color? In Birgir Birgisson’s recent work, color has been virtually stripped away, taken back to the palest hue. A remark by the British MP Dianne Abbot about “too many blonde nurses from Finland and Poland working in British hospitals” triggered an obsession: Birgisson embarked upon a series of works in which the ideology and politics of blonde-ness is addressed. His work has a pastel-shaded seductiveness, yet it chills and disturbs – as if he is subjecting ‘objectification’ itself to an acerbic scrutiny.

Part of STRIPPED AWAY, Tintype Gallery, 242 Cambridge Heath Road, London, UK, 24 February – 14 March 2010




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