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Judith Ann Braun, Symmetrical Procedures

Posted in Art, Graphite Drawings, Symmetry, Work on Paper by petercombe on July 20, 2010

1, GCN-19-3, (Lanternals), Graphite on paper, 19 x 19″, 2007
2, Oh May I #3, (Texts), Graphite on Duralar, 25 x 25″, 2009
3, BKI-13-1, (Portals), Graphite on paper, 13 x 13″, 2009


“Symmetrical Procedures”, begun in 2003, is an ongoing series of drawings constrained by four rules: Abstraction, Bilateral Symmetry, Square Format, and Graphite. Abstraction keeps the images free to be anything, while the symmetry resolves that fluidity into something, like when liquid energy crystallizes. This metaphor is reflected also in the soft carbon medium I use, which under heat and pressure becomes a diamond. I like to think I’m drawing with diamond dust. Working within constraints actually prompts infinite possibilities and a self-organizing system of groups and subgroups evolves. Within this confluence of the unintentional and the deliberate, I edit and refine the drawings in search of simple poetic articulations that seem to me, to be both significant and mysterious.

Judith Ann Braun



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