a tale of a few cities

The Surreal House, London

Posted in architecture, Art, London, surrealism by petercombe on September 26, 2010

Top, ‘Au Natural’ by Sarah Lucas, 1994

Bottom, ‘Priere de Toucher‘ by Marcel Duchamp, 1947

With a full house of starry artists and wunderkammer appeal, this exhibition had all the building blocks of a sure-fire summer hit. It boasted no less than 150 works, including that of founding fathers and mothers like Louise Bourgeois, René Magritte and Hans Bellmer, alongside later scions such as Sarah Lucas and Rachel Whiteread, film-makers Buster Keaton, Jean Cocteau and Maya Deren and architect Rem Koolhaas. Providing the literal framework, young architects Carmody Groarke set out to transform the Barbican’s galleries into a surreal house, with exhibits standing in for wobbly fittings and fixtures beginning with Marcel Duchamp‘s relief of a woman’s breast, which doubles as a doorbell. Skye Sherwin, The Guardian



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