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Tokyo Update – Don’t Panic

Posted in All is not as it seems., Crisis, Japan, Photography by petercombe on March 20, 2011

The Tokyo underground is deserted, save for a few hardy salarymen.*

A punter takes his chances on the lottery.

The trains are running less frequently, and needless travel is not recommended, so I won’t be doing this every day. I’m sure the images you have paint a picture of near total breakdown. It’s not that bad. It’s fascinating, in its way, the feeling here, compared to the kinds of scenes you might get in the west. A kind of resignedness, or perhaps resilience. There’d definitely be looting by now, elsewhere…somewhere. Maybe riots. Here it’s all so calm. They’re just getting on with it, which is admirable. Come cherry blossom season, I’m sure there’ll be parties and drinking as usual. It’s just another event. That’s their strength. The Japanese are just getting on with things, like they usually do.

-Words and photos extracted from an article by peterfg (a british expat living in Tokyo) @Wet Canvas>

* Added note: The top photo reminds me of a Yasujirō Ozu film still. Also, I found these words and photos after a Google search for ‘Tokyo Update’. I’m glad I Googled, how else would I have found such calm in the eye of the world’s perceived storm?

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  1. vonney said, on March 27, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    thank you for this hopeful post, I will celebrate with them come Cherry blossom season. Their resilience and resolve inspires me. My heart is Japanese with them.

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