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Samuel M. Steward’s Neatly Organized Stud File

Posted in collecting, collections, habits, humour, new york times, Photography, poetry, Symmetry, Work on Paper by petercombe on April 14, 2011


Back in February The New York Times wrote about a website called Things Organized Neatly, a Tumblr site that features a piece of my art. On any given day the site may feature an image of white socks on a blue background, on another, a patterned stack of tires or a careful arrangement of baseball bats. The site is overseen by a young Indianapolis designer named Austin Radcliffe, who seems less intent on collecting objects than on collecting images of collections. His site started less than a year ago, but since being written about in The Guardian and elsewhere, it has gained a following in the tens of thousands.

In 2010, The New York Times Books section featured “Secret Historian: The Life and Times of Samuel Steward, Professor, Tattoo Artist, and Sexual Renegade”. The book by Justin Spring, examines the life of Samuel Steward, left, an English professor, novelist and tattoo artist who documented gay life in the middle decades of the 20th century. During his research, Mr. Spring discovered that Steward, who died in 1993, left behind 80 boxes full of drawings, letters, photographs, sexual paraphernalia,  manuscripts and other items. Among the artifacts was “a green metal card catalog (above photo) labeled ‘Stud File,’ which contained a meticulously documented record on index cards of every sexual experience and partner — Rock Hudson, Thornton Wilder, ‘One-eyed Sadist’ — that Steward said he had had over 50 years.”

A month or so ago I submitted the above photo to thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.com. Sadly, it appears that the joke was lost on Austin Radcliffe. 

Credit: The Estate of Samuel M. Steward

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  1. lonepanther said, on April 15, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    Homosexuals deserve extermination.*

    * I am a repressed homosexual. Why else would I make such damning statements? Secretly I long for the love that dare not speak it’s name. Instead, I troll the internet and Google search my sexual fantasies. I then post comments full of hatred. You’d think that the persecution my race has endured throughout history would make me more sensitive to the plights of others. I am too lazy to comprehend the obvious. I am lonely and lack intelligence thus never see an end to my self-inflicted purgatory. It is the light of day I long for, a day full of glorious sunshine that quashes the backward bigotry that runs through my very core.

    Come visit my blog at http://lonepanther.wordpress.com and see for yourself the intolerance I spew toward those whose opinions differ from those of my brainwashed self.

  2. stylembe said, on April 15, 2011 at 4:46 pm

    Not a happy camper.

  3. κεντ said, on May 10, 2011 at 8:34 pm

    She’s weird. Anti-Semitic too – http://lonepanther.wordpress.com/2011/04/04/facebook-credits/

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