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Gnome or Genome? The May 30th New Yorker Cover Art Begs The Question

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The May 30 cover of the New Yorker by Brooklyn, NY, based illustrator Peter de Seve, led me to believe that the art work was a sly and topical commentary on the deregulation of genetically altered foods in the market place today. I always look beneath the New Yorker’s table of contents to read the cover artwork’s title, often a witty play on words. I thought the placement of the ‘gnome’ to be a clever and symbolic use of wordplay, a reference to ‘genome’. Much to my surprise the art work was simply titled ‘Small Growers‘ with no reference to genome or GMO’s. Perhaps The Muses hijacked the artist’s creative process and coerced de Seves to produce this pictorially haunting double entendre.

Tomáš Gabzdil Libertiny, Unbearable Lightness

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Studio Libertiny >

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just my cuppa tea

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Suit 2, Markus Leitsch, (Austrian 1978 – )


Object, Meret Oppenheim (Swiss, 1913-1985)



Fashion and the Art of Contortion

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When are overly zealous art directors going to stop giving the OK to having their models chopped up in advertisements?


Mme Palin et Un Chien Andalou, Altered Subtitles

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Bunny to the left

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© Jean Gaumy

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Green Wall in San Francisco

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Musee du Quai Branly in Paris


Patrick Blanc, responsible for the green living walls of the Jean Nouvel designed Musee du Quai Branly will be designing a fifty ft wall for a local private high school in Lower Pacific Heights, San Francisco. The Drew High School expansion will be Blanc’s 5th and largest American creation, covering the street side wall of a 14,500 square foot assembly hall for the small high school campus at California and Broderick streets. That’s steps from our house and will provide for an interesting visual distraction while en route to the shops Divisadero and Fillmore streets. Fall, 2010 should see completion.

Photos: Patrick Blanc

Patrick Blanc >

Internal Workings of The Bunster’s Mind

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or, ‘There is a guest in the house, Bunny is dealing with it as best she can’.

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More on Cool Study…

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This room is cool alright, but besides the Moooi Horse Lamp (mentioned in an earlier post), it just needs this hanging lamp suspended from above and the checkered table on the right side of that biomorphic-ish chair at the right-hand side of the photo. 

moooi-rabbit-lampOK – call me mad, but ditch the existing lamp on the desk at left of photo and replace with this Moooi Rabbit Lamp – that would finish things off magnificently. 

The Latest Bunster Doppelgänger

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