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Peter CombeI DO / SVP, 2011

M/M (Paris) is approaching 9,000 Facebook fans…and who wants a free bottle of M/MINK?



Peter Combe, canT afFORD, 2011

Peter Combe, canT afFORD, (TOM FORD), 2011

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Peter Combe, London Bridge, 2011

Peter Combe, London Bridge, 2011


Peter CombeBayswater, 2011

Peter Combe, TfL, 2011


Peter Combe, TfL, 2011

ig•nis mu•bar•ak•u•us

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ig•nis mu•bar•ak•u•us |igˈnəs moōbärˈæk’ū-əs|

noun (plural igˈnəs moōbärˈæk·u·i /ˈigˈnəs moōbärˈæk’o͞oˌī/),

something deceptive or deluding (on a grand scale).


used to describe the narcissistic & delusional dictator’s trait of (preoccupation with) chasing rainbows.

gut feeling,

also known as externating one’s inner disgust.

early 21st century: modern Latin, derived  from dictator Hosni Mubarak’s spotting of Cairo’s rainbow filled sky & his ‘WTF?’ Feb,  10,  2011 speech for Egypt.

see also: ignis fatuus (ig·nis fat·u·us)

meg•alomaniac out

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Being a Canadian in San Francisco, I can’t vote. I can have an opinion though.

In the style of Barbara Kruger.

UPDATE  – Rich Executives Bomb at the Ballot Box >

more meg >

Barbara Kruger, Past/Present/Futures

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Open August 2010 – Next January 2011
Stedelijk Museum
Paulus Potterstraat 13
1071 CX Amsterdam
The Netherlands



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meg•alomaniac |ˌmegəlōˈmənēˌak|


a person who is obsessed with their own power.

….• a person who suffers delusions of their own power or importance.

another way of saying “über-bitch”.



exhibiting megalomania.



meg•alomaniacal |-məˈnīəkəl|

• [ adj. ] used to refer to someone sharing an attribute with certain ‘Hun-like’ creatures, i.e. Meg Whitman.

….those inspired by ZEALOTS,

some of whom include:

Francisco Franco (Generalísimo)

Margaret Thatcher

Attila the Hun

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