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Beni Bischof, Architecture in the stranglehold of the art

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Beni Bischof is a multidisciplinary artist creating paintings, sculptures, drawings, collages, photos, zines, books and computer graphics. Based on his series called the Bricked Castles Art society Zurich will provide a unique insight into Bischof’s universe in The Architecture in the Stranglehold of Art.

Ausstellung #3, Beni Bischof 
23. June — 14. July 2011 
Kunstverein Zürich  
Dienerstrasse 70, 8004 ZUERICH 



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Don’t you tire of those Sponsored ads seen to the right of your Facebook profile page? Those intriguing thumbnail images that pique one’s interest – then once clicked, are nowhere to be found? 

Today I saw the recurring East Bay Bucket List Facebook Sponsord ad (below right) and immediately recognized one of Swiss artist Beni Bischof‘s artworks (below left), “HANDICAPED CAR” (verschiedene Formate, 2008/09). What on earth does that image have to do with with the East Bay Bucket List and 365 things to do in the East Bay right now? The cheesy site (Livingsocial[ly].com) misleads by scouring my photos and photos of my friends on Facebook to sell their product which in turn have nothing to do with the product being sold.

Update: ArtFagCity picked this up today –  Massive Links! Matthew Collins’ Fuck-You Art Writers | Jerry Saltz Tweet Watch | Peter Combe fingers East Bay Bucket List

Beni Bischof, Bricked Castles

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Beni Bischof, “BRICKED CASTLES” / Inkjetprints, Formate zw. 60x86cm und 90x128cm, 2009


Beni Bischof, Meta Fingers

Posted in Art, Collage, Photography by petercombe on July 17, 2010

Beni Bischof, “META-FINGERS”, Inkjetprints, 30 x 42cm & 60 x 91cm, 2009


Beni Bischof ~ The Finer Truth

Posted in Art by petercombe on November 26, 2009

Beni Bischof, from the seriesThe Finer Truth‘, Inkjet prints, 42x60cm


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Beni Bischof

Posted in Art by petercombe on November 25, 2009

Beni Bischof, “HELIUM 3” / Polaroid
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