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Peter Combe, I FRICK’N <3 NEW MUSEUM

Posted in New Museum, New York City, Peter Combe Design by petercombe on December 3, 2010

Peter Combe, I FRICK’N ❤ NEW MUSEUM, 2010

Back in September, I posted a graphic to New Museum’s Facebook page (http://on.fb.me/gZSIVc). After some revisions the tote and mug are now available at www.newmuseumstore.org.

Sebastian Wickeroth

Posted in Art by petercombe on October 24, 2009

big_002 big_008big_004 big_005 big_017 big_007

Each work, markerpen on paper 29,7cm / 21cm

Anyone who has tried to control the flow of a marker pen with such precision, will be amazed by the meticulous style of artist Sebastian Wickeroth>. Click the link to view the works on paper.

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