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Last Address


Last Address is an elegiac film made up of exterior images of the last residential addresses of a group of New York City artists who died of AIDS.

For more information about the artists featured in the film — including biographies, interviews, performance videos, audio recordings and essays — visit Last Address.

A film by Ira Sachs
Produced by Lucas Joaquin
Shot by Michael Simmonds
Edited by Brian A. Kates
Sound by Damian Volpe
Additional assistance by Jonathan Boyd and Andrei Alupului

Washington Post: Dudes – The Epicenter Was in Virginia

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mrgif: I survived NYC earthquake of 2011.

washingtonpoststyle: Dudes. “New Yorkers.” The epicenter was in Virginia. If anything, this is OUR quake. So step off. And take your GIFs with you. #ownershipofharmlessnaturaldisasters

Duchess of Carnegie Hall (No More)

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 (Photo: Josef Astor)

Editta Sherman, a 98 year old artist had been living upstairs from Carnegie Hall in a rent controlled studio since 1946, paying $650 a month in rent until her eviction last year. It all started in 2007 when Carnegie Hall announced a $200 million renovation project. 18 studios including Sherman’s were occupied at the time. After a defiant fight Sherman and the other remaining tenants, victims of the never-ending struggle between art and commerce, were forced to move out.

UPDATE (May 27): Just saw ‘Bill Cunningham New York‘ where there is repeated footage and mention of the Carnegie Hall artists’ plight. It is a shame that NYC Mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg didn’t intercede nor offer a statement from his office. Surely the powers that be at Carnegie Hall could have made an exception for two national treasures, Editta Sherman and 81 year old Bill Cunningham. In 2008 Cunningham was awarded the title chevalier dans l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Ministry of Culture and spent much of the (his) ceremony giddily snapping pictures of those in attendance. 

A sad chord is struck later in the film as Cunningham views the replacement suites on offer, all featuring splendid views of Central Park.  In his chosen new digs he had the appliances removed from the kitchen to make more room for his many filing cabinets.

Further documentation of the Carnegie injustice can be seen in Josef ‘Birdman’ Astor’s ‘Lost Bohemia‘ which was just released in New York last week.

Isa Genzken, Rose II, 2007

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Isa GenzkenRose II, 2007

David Zwirner is pleased to announce that Isa Genzken’s Rose II, 2007 is the second work that will be on view as part of the New Museum’s ongoing Façade Sculpture Program. This is the artist’s first public work in the United States.

New Museum, 235 Bowery, New York City


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MoMA par Nouvel

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Designed by French architect Jean Nouvel>, the new 82-story MoMA building will be erected next to the museum and will stand 1,025 feet tall. That’s 225 feet shorter than the initial proposal, which would have measured as tall as an antenna-less Empire State Building. But the City Planning Commission cut the height last month. Though the City Council approved the new building plan in a 44-3 vote, some are unhappy with the location and may threaten legal action. Until then, the project will continue as planned, under a deal with developer Hines. The building is set to include luxury housing, hotel rooms, and more exhibit space for the museum.

Curtain Up!>

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