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Peter Combe Parallels, Maurizio Cattelan: All, Guggenheim Museum, 2011/Stanley Kubrick, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I couldn’t help but see the parallels.

Thanks to @Guggenheim for sending this blogpost into the Twittersphere, and to SFMOMA for featuring it on their blog.

Update Nov 28: Sadly the @Guggenheim Ow.ly link has now now fails since I changed my Blog URL a few days ago not realizing previous incoming links would fail. I did however get a hefty 1,000 very appreciated hits before the change.






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top,Bert Stern, Marilyn Crucifix II, 1962 chromogenic print 43.5×43.5″
bottom,Elad Lassry, Red Cross, 2008, foil on C-print, 10.5×8.5″, unique


Ulises Carrión/Pierpaolo Ferrari

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Ulises Carrión, Self Portrait, 1979
Pierpaolo Ferrari, Maurizio Cattelan, (date unknown)


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L. PAP(I)ER FASHION, An exhibition by Museum Bellerive in co-operation with the ATOPOS Cultural Organization, Athens.
R. Peter Combe, Zaha, Archival Paper strips (⅛ x 24″), 2007, 32×54″, Photo, Mark Mushet



Maurizio Cattelan, W(tf?) Magazine and the Artist Matthieu Lavanchy

(Digital Collage, Peter Combe, 2010: Cattelan snooping around Lavancy’s work for inspiration)


In February of this past year I wrote a post entitled omaggio? in which two very similar photographs were placed side by side. One photograph had no author attributed to it, the other photograph was featured in Maurizio Cattelan’s portfolio (Photographed by PierPaolo Ferrari, Styled by Camilla Nickerson, Curated by Dennis Freedmanin) for the November 2009 edition of W Magazine. The similarities of the two images were striking, so striking in fact, it lead me to believe that some serious poaching had gone on. A couple of weeks ago I discovered the beautiful work of Switzerland based artist Matthieu Lavanchy and was stunned to see that he was the artist responsible for the original.

Matthieu Lavanchy is a selected finalist in the Festival International de Mode et de Photographie, Hyères 2010. Mr. Schulmann or the Man in the High Castle (series) will be exhibited in Villa Noailles from April 30 to May 30, 2010. He lives and works in Switzerland.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Maurizio Cattelan’s work. Maurizio Cattelan is @MISTYGARDINER on Twitter.




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GIORGIO ARMANI, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, October 20, 2000-January 17, 2001
TIM BURTON, MoMA, November 22, 2009–April 26, 2010

-The dumbing down of contemporary art

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Peter Combe, La chaussure par Lanvin, Digital collage, 2010
Prada, Gulliver’s Travels, Spring 2010 Lookbook



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left, Herb Ritts, Djimon with Octopus, 1989
right, Viviane Sassen, DNA, from the Ultraviolet series




top, Maurizio Cattelan (for W Magazine)LINK
Bottom, Artist Unknown Matthieu Lavanchy (from Epic Kludge) LINK


UPDATE: Bottom Photograph (detail) by Swiss artist Matthieu Lavanchy – Update Here >

Giulio Benatti / Piet Mondrian

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g benatti LINK

p mondrian LINK


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