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Laurent Champoussin, UNCUT LOOPS

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UNCUT LOOPS, brilliant looped video portraits by Laurent Champoussin. Be sure to scroll sideways at the site.

Peter Combe, Pb18, Photo LA

Peter Combe, Pb18 Head (detail), Mixed media/punched household paint chips, 33 x 32″, 2010

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Portraits for Edmontonions, Part 2

Posted in Art by petercombe on November 24, 2009

Daniel J. Ribar, Fabric Portraits


Portraits, Thorsten Brinkmann

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brink_portrait_016_600Hopi Green Holding Kni, 2006
C-Print, Edition 3 + 2 A
127 x 166 cm

Conde-Duke-de-Mutz_600Conde du Mütz, 2008
C-Print, Edition 5 + 2 AP
83 x 62 cm

brink_portrait_042_600Rain Mc Keul, 2007
C-Print, 170 x 128

brink_portrait_047_600Henri Van Ed, 2007
C-Print, 64 x 48

I love this guy’s work. It’s got a real Vermeer-ish vibe with a bit of de Chirico thrown into the pot.

In his series of self-portraits, “Portraits of a Serialsammler” Brinkmann dons an assortment of old clothing and household items salvaged from the street or from flea markets, sets the self-timer on his camera, and readies his pose, capturing himself in this unusual regalia.

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