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Last Address


Last Address is an elegiac film made up of exterior images of the last residential addresses of a group of New York City artists who died of AIDS.

For more information about the artists featured in the film — including biographies, interviews, performance videos, audio recordings and essays — visit Last Address.

A film by Ira Sachs
Produced by Lucas Joaquin
Shot by Michael Simmonds
Edited by Brian A. Kates
Sound by Damian Volpe
Additional assistance by Jonathan Boyd and Andrei Alupului


Posted in Art, Group Show, Installation, London, Photography, portraits by petercombe on March 16, 2011
Right: Robert MapplethorpeStar (gold), 1983


Tom Burr, Black Folding Screen, (or, Blue Movie, 1969, aka Fuck), 2010


Banks Violette, Not Yet Titled (The End Edition), 2005

I was lucky enough to see this exhibit in London a few weeks ago. I Really liked Robert Mapplethorpe’s lesser-known sculptural pieces (top right). Also, Tom Burr’s Black Folding Screen really captured the Mapplethorpe methodology.

Alison Jacques Gallery >

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