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Peter Combe, (se•nile | ˈsen,nīl |), 2012

Peter Combe(se•nile | ˈsen,nīl |), 2012


Occupy Wall Street @ Sotheby’s lock out

This is Sotheby’s Intentional Reality: Sotheby’s Employees were asked to take a 15% pay cut in order to compensate for tough economic times. Sotheby’s 2010 record earnings: $680 million

 Guerillagram: Peter Combe

Peter Combe, canT afFORD, 2011

Peter Combe, canT afFORD, (TOM FORD), 2011

Anagrams Underground

Peter Combe, London Bridge, 2011

Peter Combe, London Bridge, 2011


Peter CombeBayswater, 2011

Peter Combe, TfL, 2011


Peter Combe, TfL, 2011

Peter Combe, Bounds Green, 2010

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Peter Combe, BOUNDS GREEN, 2010

Barbara Kruger, Past/Present/Futures

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Open August 2010 – Next January 2011
Stedelijk Museum
Paulus Potterstraat 13
1071 CX Amsterdam
The Netherlands


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