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Renan Valadares, 127.560.000 > 8,9

Posted in Art, Crisis, Graphic Design, Japan by petercombe on March 16, 2011

There are many Japan-In-Crisis artworks floating around the internet at the moment,  Renan Valadares has produced the best subtle & powerful graphic I’ve seen so far. (This is an edited version). It really needs to be used to raise awareness of the crisis & raise funds for the relief effort.

Renan Valadares >

Sendai, Japan

Posted in Photography, Reportage by petercombe on March 15, 2011

Photo: Alex Hofford / European Pressphoto Agency

Portraits of the former Emperor and Empress Hirohito of Japan lies in the rubble at Sendai airport.

A house floats in the Pacific Ocean off the Japanese coast

Posted in Photography, Reportage, surrealism by petercombe on March 15, 2011

Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Dylan McCord / US Navy via Reuters


A Japanese home is seen adrift in the Pacific Ocean in this photograph taken on March 13, 2011 and released on March 14. Ships and aircrafts from the US Navy’s Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group are searching for survivors in the coastal waters near Sendai, Japan, in the wake of 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami that officials say claimed at least 10,000 lives.

MSN’s Robert Hood says: As a picture editor, I’m exposed to thousands of news photographs each day. Images from events like the earthquake and tsunami in Japan begin to look the same. But occasionally we see one that is exceptional. For me this picture symbolizes the personal loss and epic scale of hopelessness that’s beginning to sink in.


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