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You’ve got to leaf through it…

Posted in appropriation, Art, Collage, cut & paste, digital Collage, humour, I appropriate, Media, Photomontage by petercombe on June 11, 2010

… my Ahmadinejad artwork is featured in this month’s Adbusters magazine.


The San Francisco Tweet


Update: @SFranciscoTweet no longer tweets.

My Ahmadinejad Piece Featured on DFG Main Page

Posted in appropriation, Art, Collage, digital Collage, Photomontage, Vancouver by petercombe on April 1, 2010

Iran’s Ahmadinejad Prepares for Avatar Premier

Posted in appropriation, cut & paste, humour, I appropriate, Iran, Photomontage by petercombe on February 9, 2010

Peter Combe, Iran’s Ahmadinejad Prepares for Avatar Premier, 2010, Digital Collage


Update: This A/W is featured in the Summer 2010 issue of Adbusters Magazine &  TAG California Open Curated by Karen Moss of the Orange County Museum of Art, August, 2010.

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