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MAXXI Celebrates 150 Years of Italian Unity

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Tricolore at MAXXI (National Museum of XXI Century Arts), Rome, Italy

La Belle Époque

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Holly Armishaw, 04 St Telus Montreal Frax 4D, 2001, Lightjet metallic print, sintra mounted, 24 x 36″


Holly Armishaw, 07 Soho NYC Frax 4D, 2001, Lightjet metallic print, sintra mounted, 24 x 36″


Holly Armishaw’s Les Mondes Frax 4D has a certain Hadid-ist bravado. The trailblazing series created in 2001 still resonates today and complements the architectural world’s ongoing fascination with blobism – the embracing of all things biomorphic and amoebic. Pleasantly at odds with much of global art’s current fascination with works that appear scribbled and unfinished, Les Mondes Frax 4D feature fluid and curvilinear forms, shapeshifting objects that trail blaze through international locals. A wake-up call to the senses, they celebrate the advent of things to come and all things hyper-new. The whizzing biomorphic shapes act as torchbearers transmuting new ideas, portals into the unknown, the advent of things to come, rendered all shiny and new. The grace, femininity and joi-de-vrie of Armishaw’s digital constructions buffer any fear of the unknown or shock of the new.


Holly Armishaw, 10 St Kitts Sphere Frax 4D & 05 Paris Frax 4D, 2001, Lightjet metallic prints, sintra mounted, 24 x 36″
Les Mondes Frax 4D >



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Photos; Fabio Quici

This piece of Zaha Hadid architecture has been a long time in the making. The museum is finally opening it’s doors to the public. The interior space is pure Hadid. Trust the Italians to be so bold in their choice of architect. The arched windows in the bottom photo seem a nod to the architecture of the square Colosseum at the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, EUR, Rome.

Fabio Quici has taken some awesome pictures of the MAXXI. Here is a link to his work, FBQC>

Finally MAXXI, Rome ~ Opens This Week

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See photographer Luke Hayes amazing interior photos of the MAXXI_National Museum of the XXI Century Arts by architect Zaha Hadid, which opens in Rome this week. Click the link below to see some truly breathtaking architecture.


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